Leftover Roast Beef

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SazzyC0 | 11:25 Sat 04th Jul 2009 | Recipes
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I have a lot of leftover roast beef and was wondering if anybody knew of any interesting meal idea's I could use this for other than just sandwiches and salads. Thnx.


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Mince it with onion. Addsome herbs and a beaten egg to bind it. Then form it into pattys, dust with seasoned flour and then gently fry until crusty and golden.
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I don't have a mincer :(
Hi SazzyC0,

I do a roast beef curry sometimes with our leftovers:

Roast Beef - cubed
Onions/shallots finely chopped
Garlic - as much as you like
Fresh ginger - finely sliced matchsticks
Chillies - red or green finely sliced
1 tsp Tumeric
2 tsp Coriander
2 tsp Cumin
1 tbsp Curry Powder
1/4 - 1/2 tsp Cinammon
1 pint Beef stock
1 tbsp Branston Pickle
Tinned toms


Fry the onions with the spices, add the garlic and ginger and chillies and fry a little bit more.

Pour in the stock, add the branston pickle and toms and simmer for 20-30 mins.

Add the spinach a few mins before end of cooking and the beef.

Serve with rice and naan.

L. :D

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That sounds lovely and right up my street, never heard of using pickle though! Might have to give that a try.
hi Sazzy,

I know the branston looks like a strange ingredient but it does work, promise!!! :D my grandmother always added it to this recipe and it's passed down so far successfully lol

oh... I forgot to add these to the recipe for you doh!!!

With the onions and ginger... add a chopped red apple.

then I put a handful of raisins in too with the stock....

and I add fresh coriander in at the end... if you have it that is....

must be the heat making me forget ;)

:) L. xx

some tortilla wraps? just re cook (stir fry) with onions and fajita spice, some tomatoes & fill your wraps.

Nachos again as a topping with melted cheese.

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Leftover Roast Beef

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