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Fairie | 17:46 Tue 28th Apr 2009 | Recipes
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my son is due to put together either a starter and a main or main and desert for his gcse (year 10) assessment

he has decided he would like to make beef and vegetable stew for the main but cannot decide what would go well with it...

any idea?


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An upside down cake/pudding with either custurd or cream?
he could do any combination of fruit

e.g. pineapple & cherries
pear halves
apricot halves
apple slices and raisins

you could add ground ginger or cinnamon to the fruit too. It also depends how long he's got to do both dishes
Hmmm! I fancy bread and butter pudding to follow that!
Sorry but after a beef and vegetable stew, no way can you add a heavy pudding.
Beef and veg; stew gives a 'brown' main meal so dessert or starter has to be colourful.
I suggest a fresh fruit salad (use vanilla seeds to flavour) as a dessert or roasted garlic tomatoes or stuffed red and yellow peppers for a starter.
If you want recipes I can suggest some.
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coccinelle, i was thinking it had to be something light, but also i was confused with the stew being a 'wintery' meal.

Maybe a started would be the right way to go...

any recipies would be helpful. I'm not really good at thinking of things from scratch, i'm a buy it in a jar kind of gal!

I do like the sound of an upside down cake though!
Fish cakes and salad. d-peppers

this is colourful and can be served cold or warm. ato-salad,1303,RC.html

another colourful (and cheap) dish, these are best served luke-warm. I don't bother to skin the tomatoes
Does he have to actually cook this meal? I would have thought he would not have enough time to cook a stew within an exam, or can he start it before hand?
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it has to be cooked. the recipie he has for stew, asys takes 1 hour, i know what you saying though i take all day making a stew
what about chocolate mouse?
or a creme brule?
or cheesecake?
apple and blackberry crumble?

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