What starter should I serve before duck? And what veg??

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bushbaby_de | 17:37 Wed 17th Dec 2008 | Recipes
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Its bushy's experimental cooking time again!

I have a very nice recipe for duck in red wine sauce with potato dauphinoise that I am going to try on Boxing Day. However, i have two blanks that I am hoping an ABer can fill for me - the veg and the starter.

The recipe has red cabbage but we don't like that so any suggestions most welcome please. And I usually only have garlic bread as a starter in restaurants so no clue there!

Am probably going to make pavlova for dessert if that makes any difference?



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Can i recommend a Zantac as a starter? 150mg are available over the counter, i believe ;-) xxx
My excellent Christmas meal (works do!) last night was duck for the main course, and the starter we had was melon cut into a fan shape with blackcurrant sorbet served with it - it was ssoo good, and not too filling!! Enjoy.
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Oh no Bathsheba, do you think I'm going overboard??!!
Duck is very rich,so pips melon with sorbet will be excellent!!!
I would keep the veg as simple and fresh as possible.....buttery baby carrots or steamed broccoli
For pudding,instead of pavlova.....try Eton Mess...similar but simpler. Just crumble meringue into individual serving dishes...alternate with raspberries (fresh or frozen) and freshly whipped creme....a delicious mess!!
No bb, sorry! I'm just in a giddy mood today! It all sounds delicious :-) xxx
pasta why eton mess, its only pavlova with fruit bashed up!!!
Eton mess needs a bit of coulis drizzled over it between the layers of cream. I use fresh raspberries and icing sugar and liquidise it - very easy.
Oh and strain out the pips before using the coulis.
I was also going to suggest melon or some kind of fresh fruit starter - you need something light and refreshing.

As for veg, Green beans or mange tout and baby carrots would go down a treat!

I think we will be having duck as well - the kids never eat turkey or chicken or anything, so a duck is a good size for the two of us (with enough left over for a nice stir fry the next day)
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Thanks for all your replies. I'm still laughing about Eton Mess being easier than pavlova - isn't it the same thing mashed up into glasses instead of being served on a plate?!

I am liking the sorbet starter and green bean/carrot veg combo i think, but will keep looking back here until Monday when I go to Tesco!

Thanks everyone
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PS three stars for you all as its Christmas x

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What starter should I serve before duck? And what veg??

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