bread & butter pudding

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jack daniels | 22:36 Fri 18th Jan 2008 | Recipes
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The JD family have just had some bread & butter pudding, I make mine with marmalade on the buttered bread with sultanas, raisins & dried mixed peel, topped off with cinnamon powder & brown sugar - what's your favourite pud?


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Hiya jack...I make a savoury one with loads of cheese,tomatoes, and bacon.....sometimes I add roast red peppers or broccoli.
Add some Bailey's to the custard mix before pouring on top for a really adult version. works a treat! Keep away from JD Jnr's tho!!
jack daniels, is your recipe the one from delia smith, as that's my favourite too? i did her chocolate bread and butter pud once, and for some reason it tasted of coconut - not very nice and a big disappointment.
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pastafreak - like the idea, thanks I'll try that some time.

bananie - Oh la la, adult version Mmmmmmmm

ethandron - I did 1 pint milk, 6 eggs! vanilla extract & sugar to taste for the custard & baked WITHOUT a bain marie on gas 4 for just over an hour - it came out all fluffy & custardy.

<going to raid the fridge>

I'm not that much of a lover of chocolate so I'd give it a miss although it's just as good made with brioche

Thanks Abers
Hugh Fernley Whittingstall does a recipe with prunes soaked in rum instead of the sultanas etc - I substituted the damsons from the damson gin I made - wonderful!!
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Thanks MrsJ1
I like prunes but none of the other JD's do - but to me it sounds yum!
Can you soak raisins, sultanas & dried mixed fruit peel in brandy or other alcohol & how long for? Thanks in advance
I've just made a batch of cheese scones - they're just cooling down
HI jd - your bread & butter pudding version with the marmalade sounds really good, what a good idea! I shall definitely be trying that next time.

You seem to be really into cooking, any good simple bread receipes for a 2lb loaf? I use just 2 receipes with my bread machine which I think could be improved on. I 'm interested in a granery loaf or a 'less cakey' white loaf. The recipes need to be simple because I have to make a loaf every other day. I have by the way searched the net to no avail. Thanks Jack.
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Hi Trish - sorry JD's have been away.
one thing I don't do is make my own bread. I've tried it & I've done pizza dough by hand but to be honest I just buy the bread.
Have a look on this site aking+recipes&btnG=Google+Search&meta=

what about making the dough, patting it out, pressing your fingers into the dough (flatbread) & then putting olive oil/sea salt/olives/sun dried tomatoes on it & then baking it in the oven?
I'm sure you must be able to find some sort of savory/sweet bread recipes for use with a bread maker.
I know someone who makes a malt loaf in theirs.

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bread & butter pudding

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