Lean belly pork slices

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canasta | 11:19 Fri 10th Aug 2007 | Recipes
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I bought some thick lean belly pork slices thinking I could use them in a barbecued rib recipe. I tried it with a couple of them and it didn't work. Any ideas how I could cook the remainder, please? They have their rind (skin) on and are about one inch thick. Could I rost them and any tips for best way of doing this.


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You could marinade them for a couple of hours in soy sauce, sherry (or rice wine), garlic, honey and five spice powder. Dry them off and then brush them with oil and roast in a hot oven to crisp the skin and then turn to medium for about twenty minutes. Nice on a bed of noodles and sprinkled with a little sesame oil.
Cook 'em the old fashioned way.
Put on a rack in a roasting tin, to get out all the fat (makes lovely "illegal" dripping. Cook very slowly for 1.1/2 to 2 hours until they are crisp. Serve with sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, roast potatoes and mixed veges.
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Thank you. I'll try one of these ideas.
this is lovely canasta though it doesnt sound it

put the belly pork slices in a casserole dish and marinade in coca cola and brown sugar for as long as you can (overnight if possible) then get a shallow roasting dish and put some water in the bottom, put a wire tray in and put the belly pork on the tray (make sure its not touching the water) and roast in the oven at gas mark 6/7 until the crackling goes all puffy. Sorry not sure how long that is, its lovely served with rice or chunky chips. It tastes just like bbq flavour :)
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Thanks to you all.

I tried your method djwepg and they were very tasty.

aka pixi; your recipe does sound a bit odd. I don't think I'll be bying belly pork again but would the same recipe work with spare ribs?
Im not sure about that canasta, Ive never tried it (or if im honest my husband has never tried it - hes the main cook in our house lol) I would imagine it would be okay though :)

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Lean belly pork slices

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