slow cooking a joint

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pink21 | 15:35 Sun 07th Jan 2007 | Recipes
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I've only used my slow cooker for casseroles so far and want to try cokking a joint of beef and lamb in it. Can anyone tell me how to do this - do you have to cover the whole joint with liquid.

Also mine is a Morphy Richards and the instructions say not to put the crock pot into the oven I would like to buy one that I can put into the overn to add potato or scone toppings can anyone recommend one that does this?


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hi pink go to your butcher and ask for brisket (beef) put water in to slow cooker so it covers about half of the joint and cook real slow between 6 to 8 hours trust me you will never buy topside again let me know how you get on chers snap
I cook all my meat in the slow cooker water !!
Leg of lamb just cut slits in the joint ..stuff slivers of garlic and sprigs of rosemary in the slits.Sprinkle dried rosemary over it if you have no fresh.Plonk it in the cooker and cook overnight on low or six hours on medium ..will fall off the bone.
Chicken ..the same ..shove a lemon up his bottom and plenty of garlic ..rub a bit of butter and black pepper on his breast plonk him in and cook on medium for six hours ....tender and juicy.
Brisket ..plonk it in and cook six to eight hours on low for a large don't need any water the meat will release enough juices for gravy.When you take the brisket out you can make the gravy from the juices left in the pot ..I do this with a hand blender .
I dont know about putting them in the oven ...mine is an earthenware pot ..I also have the Morphy Richards one ..the 6.5 litre.
I add potatoes towards the end of cooking or dumplings for a casserole ..they will cook quite quickly too as by then your pot is well up to temperature.
Although I have used a slow cooker for donkeys years you can always find new ideas for them and this book is excellent .In fact I made a cake in it recently from a recipe in this book and it was lovely. cookbake/cookbooks!10667
roasting topside is painful and often it comes out tough, so i tried slow cooking it one day, with fantastic results.

place joint in roasting pan. fill with water until it half covers the beef, then cover beef loosely with silver foil

roast at 60 minutes a pound (about half a kilo) at 160 degrees.

It will always come out soooooo tender, and the leftover juices make perfect gravy
My old slow cooker's heating element blew up over Xmas so have just replaced it with the oval Morphy Richards 3.5 litre as there are now only 2 of us to cook for. I've always cooked all types of poultry & joints of meat in the slow cooker, although never been quite brave enough to do them without some form of stock (although don't cover the meat completely as some suggest) and use the juices to make either gravy or in the case of a whole chicken, soup. Rather than risk cracking the crock pot would it be too much trouble to transfer it to an ovenproof dish for the potato or scone toppings?
i cook all my meat and poultry in a slow cooker and have done for years. i dont add any water when cooking a joint or whole chicken, it makes plenty during cooking which i use for the gravy - also made in slow cooker. as for dumplings i always cook those in there too. turn it up to high and drop in about 30 minutes before wanting to eat
me too, i put all my joints in the pot with no water for at least 12 hours usually the night before, then forget about it until i want to eat it for sunday lunch or dinner. It will be so tender it will fall apart as you take it out mmmmm.....

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slow cooking a joint

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