Potted Meat Recipes?

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cleoval | 17:31 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | Recipes
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Hello I have just bought some potted meat and took a spoonful and liked it.Does anybody know any good recipes using it? or maybe Sandwiches using it with other ingredients.? Thanks in advance.


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What type of potted meat? (A brand name might possibly help here). Some are chicken-based, whereas others are beef-based, etc.
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Beef based Buenchico.
I knew it as brawn and it was horrible.
Love potted beef, the Hairy Bikers have a good recipe.
Brawn is different Jack and I'm not a fan of that.
My mate used to work making brawn - potted meat from boiled pigs heads. He brought a good sample to eat down the pub - delicious!
And Ox tongue - not potted as such but pressed. Lovely.
Now Ox tongue I like. Quite pricey and hard to come by these days but delicious nevertheless.
Reminds me of an old joke about a man in a boarding house. For lunch he was offered Tongue salad -his reply 'oh no, I could never eat anything that came out of an animals mouth!' I'll just have a couple of hard boiled eggs...................(think about it lol!)
Love potted beef on crispy iceberg topped with thinly sliced gherkins.
Brawn and tongue are still sold in Morrison’s and Tesco, and my butcher’s. Cheaper than ham

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Potted Meat Recipes?

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