Tasty Uk Broth Recipes Wanted Tried & Tested If Possible.?

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cleoval | 22:50 Sat 02nd Jan 2021 | Recipes
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Hi I am looking for UK Broth Recipes please tried and tested if possible.My Grandmother used to make a delicious one but unfortunately I didn't get her recipe as I was about 15 years old at the time and not interested in Cooking then.Anyone got a recipe in their family passed down please.? Thanks.


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Every time I have chicken, I save the bones and freeze them. When I have enough they go into a big pot or the slow cooker with onions, carrots, celery, fresh or dried thyme or marjoram, garlic, salt and pepper. I then let it cook for HOURS. The more the better...thats why a big slow cooker is good. Cool, strain, freeze. You can do exactly the same with beef bones or any other meat bones...or a combination.
Although not a UK recipe, my mum's best soup is red lentil and rice. Boil half a cup of lentils and skim the foamy bits off. Add half a cup of rice and a veggie stock and some fried chopped onion. Simmer until rice is cooked.
Nearly all soups we make are delicious so dont know where to start. Just throw in combinations of potatoes and other veg and add maybe lentils or barley, plus a stock cube. The best is sweet potato and coconut milk with curry paste.
Any leek, broccolli or celery with stilton
Carrot, orange juice lentills and coriander.
But anything goes
Dont usually do meat ones pasta but you've reminded me that whizzed up liver in a broth was surprisingly nice.
Missed off watercress mixed with marrowfat peas in the usual potato, carrot stock. Stilton helps there too- not as healthy though
Do you want the broth as a soup or to use for other recipes.
I just use two or three chicken breasts, one onion, five tablespoons of pearl barley, carrots and chicken oxo. I take the onion out after an hour, salt and pepper, and another half an hour. Simple and, like most broths and stews, best served the following day.

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Tasty Uk Broth Recipes Wanted Tried & Tested If Possible.?

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