A Gammon Recipe Shared!

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eleanor2 | 08:06 Sun 06th Dec 2020 | Recipes
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Trying this out today, five options. I will go with Apple juice.


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Hamming it up are we?
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Yep! Such a simple recipe. Granddaughter loves gammon, a nice surprise for tea tonight Dt.
Eleanor, that looks great, I love doing the gammon in the slow cooker, I sometimes add bay leaves and 7up free - if I fancy I would maybe use the cider instead - finish it off in the oven with the cloves and some sugar free marmalade - enjoy it later, looks great
I use to love gammon at that age!
This one isn't bad....
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duckies, yes I really fancy the cider version. I was wondering whether o.k for my granddaughter? I think per h asp the alcohol is negligible though they?
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That recipe looks absolutely gorgeous going by the ingredients Dt! Big joint!
Don't worry - the alcohol in the cider will be driven off by the cooking.
As diddlydoo says, the cider will burn off but it may not be a taste that your grand daughter would like, there would still be that stronger flavour. the alcohol would be gone from the cider though :)
Not necessarily

Especially in a slow cooker. Not much escape route for the alcohol to evaporate.
I put the gammon joint / boiling bacon in my pressure cooker with a litre of apple juice and cook on high for 40 minutes. Much nicer than slow cooking the same way.
This recipe sounds lovely, I live on my own so I will try it with a small gammon joint, it will easily make a couple of meals, soup and sandwiches, thanks for the idea.
My daughter in law cooks gammon to die for. She does it in her slow cooker with strongbow cider.
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Thanks! Turned out really nice,very moist & fell apart!

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A Gammon Recipe Shared!

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