Are Bottled Pasta Sauces Different From Bottled Bolognese Sauces?

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Jaslet | 13:55 Wed 02nd Dec 2020 | Recipes
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Are bottles pasta sauces different from bottled bolognese sauces? Can all pasta sauces be used with minced beef for a spaghetti dish?


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I don't think that is any difference other than the names
What I should say is that a boognese sauce is a pasta sauce , but pasta sauce is not necessarily a bolognese sauce.
Not all pasta sauces have tomatoes in them - alfredo, pesto, white sauce, mushroom sauce are a few examples.
Bolognese sauces is basically a tomato sauce with meat
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My provisional answer to my own question is that the only way to know is to read the ingredients list on each bottle. Meanwhile, I use Grossmans puttanesca with tagliatelle nests as a vegetarian dish — & for a spag bol I use the unbeatable recipe in Philip Harben’s 1960s book ‘Cooking’ (often available used on line). The bottled bolognese sauces are all disappointing.

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Are Bottled Pasta Sauces Different From Bottled Bolognese Sauces?

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