Fish Cake Recipes Needed Please.

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cleoval | 18:33 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Recipes
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Hi looking for tried and tested recipes for Fish Cakes please.Thanks.


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I made these a few nights ago.
Sub a cup of roughly crushed potato for the coconut flour. They weren't really spicey, but you can add in whatever you'd like instead. I'd use a half cup each of minced spring onion and celery.
The BBC Good Food website is a dependable source of 'tried and tested' recipes, as people who've followed the instructions often leave reviews. (Scroll down to the foot of each recipe page to read those reviews. There are often hints on how the recipes can be made even better too). Start here:
The Jamie Oliver ones are very nice indeed.
1. Go to ASDA/Tesco/Sainsbury's/Waitrose (or any other shop of your choice).

2. Select the fish cakes of your choice.

3. Take them home.

4. Cook as per manufacturer's cooking instructions.

5. Enjoy!
That sounds great in an ideal world .. what if you can't eat most packaged foods ?
Then you would need a recipe to make your own fishcakes.
Like it, NJ. My sentiments entirely.
I guess some people just like making things from scratch so they know whats in them.

I use half and half mashed potato and smoked haddock (works with all white fish and tinned tuna or salmon), pepper, salt and a finely chopped spring onion.

Make into cakes, coat in corn flour dip in egg then cover in crushed cornflakes. Leave in fridge to set up a bit -an hour or so usually works- then fry until hot and golden or spray with low cal oil spray and cook in hot oven for around 15 minutes.
Cornflakes .. I hadn't imagined that one. Before I can consider giving it a go, I googled 'cornflakes ingredients'..
Now it's a non starter .. they contain barley !
I use potato with tinned red or pink salmon, smoked mackerel, dill, dash of paprika and lemon juice. Rolled in golden breadcrumbs.
I boil potatoes with a finely diced onion, drain, mash and mix in dried parsley and an egg. Stir in 4 tins of tuna. Shape when cooled, dust with seasoned flour and fry gently.
alavahalf -I'm gluten intolerant and you can get gluten free cornflakes from all the major supermarkets. I swap them out for all sorts of things including making apple crumble with them and using them instead of breadcrumbs in burgers and meatballs.
APG .. I seem to have the full house and do get fed up with it ..
Dairy, lactose, wheat , yeast, most fresh fruit , beer, lager, red wine just for starters. I keep looking at all these recipes and only see things I can't have. If it comes in a box or a packet, it is more than likely it will cause me problems.
the season for Stargazy pie from down here is Mouzhole comes around again...
NJ...yes, we all know that shops sell fishcakes - not really a "recipe" though.

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Fish Cake Recipes Needed Please.

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