Low Carb Pancakes

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Ric.ror | 09:45 Thu 20th Feb 2020 | Recipes
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Does anyone have a recipe for low carb pancakes that aren’t too eggy? I appreciate that eggs are needed but some are just omelet with a bit of almond or coconut flour in - not too keen on the ‘egginess’ of some of the recipes I’ve seen


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Skinny food company do a mix that is pretty good, but you might want to try soya flour egg and fat free Greek yoghurt,
1 egg
2 heaped teaspoons soya flour
Teaspoon baking powder
Enough fat free yoghurt to make a batter
I flavour with lemon zest or vanilla or cinnamon to offset the soya taste
Tablespoons of soya flour
The new low carb craze are "chaffles"...basically cheesy waffles. Only 2 ingredients...egg and cheese. Made in a waffle maker, but can be done in frying pan for a pancake.
I use them for avocado on toast, to hold burgers, etc. I prefer savoury, but there's lots of sweet variations.
Lots of ideas here...
you want american style fluffy or British flat?
I saw on thismorning that you can use two eggs and a banana.

This recipe takes out the egg and has banana with oats and milk of choice.

Seems ideal.
Sounds like you want a recipe for something that isn't a pancake!
Devil...that's not really low carb.
Bananas are fairly high in is any grain such as oats.
These look like they'd fill the bill...
Berries are usually low carb though Pasta.
And apparently oatmeal is good for low carb so surely oats can't be that bad?

You need fibre in your diet!
I do low carb, and yes, berries are great. But berries were not being used as a substitute for egg in a recipe. Egg would be far better than banana. Other egg substitutes are flax seeds...mixed with water, ground flaxseed is a common ingredient.
As for fibre, it depends on how low carb a person wants to be. There's also many low carb veg,and nuts and seeds, that will provide fibre
Question Author
Oh thanks for these
One thing I cannot eat (apart from Eggs) are bananas
They make me gip
They seem to be the hype with pancake recipes because of their texture :/
As I only have pancakes once a year, I shall stick to the milk, flour and eggs batter.

You have so many to choose from, Ric...have you decided?
I'm not a pancake fan but like the look of the cream cheese ones.
I have pancakes weekly
Question Author
I like the idea of cream cheese ones too as I like savoury and sweet pancakes
Trouble is I want Keto with carbs and/or high fibre low fat
I basically want it all

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Low Carb Pancakes

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