What's Your Favourite Thing On The Bbq?

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anthro-nerd | 09:08 Wed 09th May 2018 | Recipes
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Aside from sausages and burgers of course. I saw some salmon, onion and pepper kebabs on the fish counter yesterday and thought they looked lovely!


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We had lamb sausages on the BBQ yesterday! Maybe its the welsh in me, but got to love a bit of lamb! yum!
ribs is my favourite and we (I say we but hubby does cooking )do bananas wrapped in foil for pud x
Absolutely anything I love food cooked over an open fire, my one German stepfather did wicked fish on the barbeque when we went to the beach, here venison is nice, lamb is nice, but i'm good with anything- halloumi:)
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Oh yes!! Halloumi!!!
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Im not a fan of bbqs. Each one ive been to everything ends up black as your hat and you cant even tell what it started out as. No, not for me.
Have never had a bbq....and never will.

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What's Your Favourite Thing On The Bbq?

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