What can you make with chinese "peking duck" pancakes!

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nellypope | 14:20 Mon 21st Feb 2011 | Food & Drink
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My husband went on a shopping spree in a chinese supermarket, and I now have a freezer full of the pancakes you use for peking duck! Apart from Peking duck, what else can you use them for, any ideas?


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some chicken or turkey - leg meat is better - just roast off the legs and then strip the bones and tendons can still use the sauce/cucumber strips etc
spring rolls, wontons, samosa's
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Oooh Liking those ideas, especially the wontons!
i love wonton soup, one of my faves!
you could just use them as a wrap for anything at all as you would for mexican food, or like you see in the sandwich section - mayo, humus, seafood sauce, chilli sauce, any sandwich type filling, salad, fried mince, chicken strips, beef, ham, etc., etc.
i used them for prawn purees?

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What can you make with chinese "peking duck" pancakes!

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