Greggs Mince pies

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B00 | 15:36 Fri 10th Dec 2010 | Food & Drink
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Oh my giddy aunt.

This morning i bought 4 of these from Greggs...

Best mince pies EVER. I fully intended having just the one with my lunch and saving the other 3 for after our tea, however, the other three somehow....errrr....went away.

Highly reccomend 'em.


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I can't have them :c(
Question Author
Why not CD?
Nearest Greggs to me BOO is 20 miles away but if they are that good then maybe I will have to travel and buy some !!
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Well worth the trip Redman, you won't be dissapointed.
I have loads of greggs on my doorstep but I cannot eat any of the stuff now :(

my uber favourite treat was the pineapple cream pies (droooool)
B00 wonders if eating all these mince pies may be having some effect?
Well you live and learn.
I had (wrongly) assumed that Greggs was a Northern baker,but it seems there is one about a mile from me near The House of Commons,so I shall have to investigate these mince pies!
oh yes greggs mince pies ;-) - why bother to make your own they are DIVINE!
A branch has just opened in Dover, I must give them a try!
I wish I were as lucky as redman41 where the nearest Greggs is 20 miles away. Here in the north where they originated they are ubiquitous, synonymous with Chavdom and shunned by all persons of fashion and quality.
Just read a mince pie comparison test. Asda came first, Lidl a close second. Tesco were at the bottom.
You cannot beat M&S!

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Greggs Mince pies

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