Best Mince Pies?

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jd_1984 | 09:54 Sun 05th Dec 2010 | Food & Drink
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We usually buy m&s mince pies. However, I had my firsy mince pie of the festive season at a friends house yesterday and it was superb, from morrisons!...... Where do you buy yours?


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waitrose or m & s. I don't eat them though, I buy them for other people.
Dad has to use robertsons mincemeat in his homemade ones. But one year he asked us to egt some when he went shopping and there was only tescos left, so we mixed it up with the little robertsons he had left and put it all in the robertsons jar and hid the tescos one, and he didn't notice!
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sainsburys or waitrose always make my own pud
My mum is always making a large mince pie but I usually get mine from Tesco as that is where I shop. I get the deep filled ones but even they don't have enough mincemeat in them.
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Why buy mincemeat, it takes no time or effort (bar grating apple) to make your own.
I read a review the other day that said places like Lidl and Aldi had come out above the more expensive stores in blind tastings. Haven't tried them myself though.
Funnyily enough I brought a box today for work tea break and they were £2.29 a box.

They were delish though. Nice crumbly pastry with a hint of brandy in the mince filling.

And the calories per pie well over 200.

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Best Mince Pies?

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