Tefal Actifry-your thoughts please on reliability

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ayabrea38 | 17:52 Wed 17th Nov 2010 | Food & Drink
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I would love one of these,but at that price (over 100 quid) I want something thats going to last.I have seen some reviews that say yes,it is great,but the plastic handles are fragile and they are prone to exploding after some use.
Anyone had any experience with one,what do you think of it for cooking compaired to a deep fat fryer?
Any thoughts please?
Aya B


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You can read nearly 300 reviews via the links in my post here:

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Thanks Buenchico
I did wonder if I had been watching too much shopping channel.Honestly,the things I didn't know I couldn't live without!!My Christmas list is HUGE
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There are probs with them we have had ours since April 2010 and and the Lug on the lid has broken into 3 pieces they are not covered under warranty and range from £35.00 - £55.00 on ebay mine has gone :(, also the centre paddle spindle goes brittle and breaks up. you have been warned otherwise fantastic piece of kit.
Impressed with the cooking - can find no faults - only problem is the break up of the drive spindle after 1 year thus making the unit inoperable. It seems crazy to me that such a small and obviously cheap item can render the unit unserviceable. It would be nice if these spindles were obtainable as it only takes 5 mins to replace.
Excellent as far as cooking goes - the only problem is that the spindle has failed and thus the whole unit is now defunct - it seems crazy that this item(the spindle) is not available as it only takes 5 mins to change.

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Tefal Actifry-your thoughts please on reliability

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