How'd'ya make a bread pudding?

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Jemisa | 00:21 Fri 22nd Oct 2010 | Food & Drink
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I've got quite a bit of bread not eaten (Large Bloomer) so I thought I'd make a bread pudding but I haven't made one for yonks & have forgotten the recipe - -
Anyone here got a good one and not too complicated,?




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We've got a regional problem here, Jem. In some parts of the country 'bread pudding' refers to a moist dessert which is frequently accompanied by custard. In other parts of the country 'bread pudding' is more of a heavy cake. Which one do you want?

If it's the former, the reviews for this one are generally good (with just a few dissenters). It certainly couldn't be much easier ;-)

If it's the latter, this might appeal to you:

4 slices of toast, buttered & sliced to 4 fingers each. Place a layer on base of dish, sprinkle some currants & sugar. Same for next layer till you use up the toast. Lightly whisk 1 egg add to cup milk & pour into dish. Place into centre oven Gas 5 for 20mins.

Dont eat it all yourself as its too fattening.
I've always known the dessert one to be called bread and butter pudding, and the cake one just bread pudding.
The bbc bread pudding recipe looks good, although I usually soak the bread for a bit then add the other ingredients. Mmmmm bread pudding, might have to make some tomorrow!
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Chris thanks for the links (why didn't I do that? doh!) I've printed 'em off as I'll probably use both in time. Got the g/children coming sat. so they will enjoy themseves squishing their hands in the mixture.
Tamborine my love, you have described what I call Bread & Butter pudding, but nevertheless worth saving for the future bread glut.
Slinky, yes what I can remember my mother left a bowl of bread + milk overnight to soak.

Thankyou all for your interest.

This is my favourite recipe.

Easy Bread Pudding

350 g – 500 g bread - depending how thick you want the BP to be.
30 g hard margarine and 60 g butter, 250 g dried mixed fruit or just currants , 150 g soft dark brown sugar, 3 tsp mixed spice (or to taste) 1 large tsp black treacle (optional)
Soak bread in cold water for aprox. 10 mins then squeeze it out with your clean hands until as much water as possible has been removed . Place the squeezed bread into a mixing bowl and mash with a fork. Meanwhile, melt margarine and butter in the dish that you are going to use to cook the bread pudding in. Then add the soft dark brown sugar, mixed fruit, mixed spice and melted butter/margarine to the bread and mix well until colour is even. Add the black treacle also at this stage if using. Place the mixture into the hot tin aprox. 8x8, and bake apox. 1 hr, oven gas 4/5 or 180 C or 350 F until crunchy on the top. Sprinkle a little caster sugar over the top when cooked and serve either hot or cold.
I make this often. Delias recipe .
Stale Bread .I use enough to three quarters fill one of those old fashioned cloam mixing bowls .Any old bread,brown white ,whatever's knocking around .I don't cut the crusts off either .It'll all soak down in the milk.
4oz Dried mixed fruit
2oz Soft Brown Sugar
2oz Melted Butter
1 heaped teaspoon Mixed Spice
1 Egg ( beaten)
Milk .
Grated zest of an orange ( optional)
Soak the bread in the milk ( just slosh about half a pint in ) until it's sort of sludgy,beat it with a fork ,add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all together ,grease an oblong shallow tin ,bung the mixture in and put in the oven .I cook it in a fan oven for about 45mins to an hour on 160C.
Stick a knife in to test.
Let it go cold ,dredge with icing sugar or eat it hot with custard.
we love bread pudding (I do not mean bread and butter pudding). and find that ground allspice much nicer than mixed spice. I also add mixed peel and eith zest of an orange or orange extract
Soak in water then squeeze most of it out. Add an egg and about half a tub of mixed spice. 20z of melted marg or butter , about the same of sugar. Squidge it together with your fingers...yes it sounds disgusting but is the easiest way to do it. Add mixed fruit as much as you want. Put in a baking dish of some kind. Cook at Gas mk 4 until the top is crispy and a knife comes out cleanly from the centre. I usually have it about an inch thick. Hope this helps xx

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How'd'ya make a bread pudding?

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