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jack daniels | 18:09 Mon 04th Oct 2010 | Food & Drink
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can they be cooked from frozen, if so how long for?


Anna x


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maybe best to allow them to defrost first.
Just a point, you don't need to cook a saveloy, just warm it through, they are precooked and tend to fall apart if you over do it when warming them up.
if you have frozen a saveloy, it need to be more than warmed through, need to be piping hot all through whether defrosted first or not
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thanks guys but I think using them defrosted was the best way

Anna x
Frozen... defrosted... either way they are wrong. Get yourself a nice spam fritter instead...
spam fritters? yummy. Mum always made them years ago, and us kids loved them!
Bring on the fritters
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