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EEZABLADE32 | 11:55 Sun 26th Sep 2010 | Food & Drink
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Thinking of buying the above, is it okay for roasting joints of meat? Also does it have a temperature gauge?



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Sorry I'm a bit thick when it comes to cooking but does the link advertise that I can roast with it.

It has five temperature settings, which it maintains until you change your setting. They are:
Warm - 90°C
Low - 120°C
Medium - 160°C
High - 200°C
Sear - 240°C

When you 'roast' a joint in the Prestige Multi Cooker, you're really braising or broiling it - much as you do in a slow cooker, only faster ;) You can sear the meat before reducing the temperature - this works great with chops, chicken quarters, etc. I find it's best to cook a joint or a whole chicken through more slowly, on Low or Medium (it's still quite fast: about the same time as it'd need in the oven,) and use the Sear function both at the beginning of the cooking and the end.

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