all, Thursday's Menu, with vegetarian option, for those interested. Early today I know, but I've got 40lb of strawbs waiting to be turned into jam

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merciasounds | 08:58 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Food & Drink
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Starters: Breaded Scampi tails with homemade tartare sauce.
Melon Ball cocktail with Midori liqueur and mint
Smoked salmon Mousse with melba toasts and salad garnish

Sautee of Calves liver, fried onions, bacon rolls, creamy mashed potatoes and broccoli
Southern 'baked' chicken, Jacket wedges and red cabbage and apple slaw
Somerset Pork and cider casserole

Vegetarian Option: Quorn mince cottage pie with peas and carrots
Crumbed and deep fried Haloumi cheese with red onion relish and salad
Vegetable curry and rice

Banoffi Pie
Rhum Baba (yeast cake (think donut) with rum syrup, whipped cream and pistachios
Strawberry Pavlova

coffee, cold wine, beers etc..


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Pork Casserole

And ... OMG !! ... no cheese ?

Question Author
there is cheese, forgot to add it on, there are 16 cheeses, got a nice ripe camembert, some blue vinny, a rouqefort that's just begging to be eaten, there's bread if you prefer
wish you hadn't mentioned roquefort, now i'll have to go and buy some, i've started salivating........

This is early and making me hungry!
Somerset Pork
and all the puds for me!!!!
Melon, liver, no pud or cheese...and fact just lots of really good coffee would do today

The cheese, then.

Dorset blue vinny? I've not had that for ages.
Scampi and Chicken please

Yum yum...
Question Author
Just noticed the 'Morning' bit was missing from the title...wonder why, I typed it!
I'll have the Melon follwed by the Haloumi then the Banoffee Pie.
I am going to bake today... Something to pass the time and they always go down at storm in my house also.
I fancy :
Scami to start
Southern Baked Chicken
Strawberry Pavlova
and if rowanwitch would like to join me in a meal, a Doz Oysters please for afters !! wink wink !!
You smooothy you
Question Author
Um red......don't want to dash your hopes, but ... about Rowanwitch, she's - forget that, there's no 'R' in the month - so not good for oysters!!!
-- answer removed --
Question Author
I'm with you doc!!
Ha Ha docspock, tend to agree ! Agree mercia, rowan sits on the other side of the fence ! ;-D
Good morning mercia

smoked salmon mousse followed by the calves liver if I may.

After a healthy option like that I will be brave and ignore the cheeses - that is soooo hard to do in my case. My usual coffee pot on the side - just for me please!
Question Author
Hi ttfn, doggies send big slurpy kisses your way! Took them to the vets for their annual check up on Monday, the vet said he'd never seen such lovely coats on a lab before - I told him it's the cod liver oil, milk and raw organic egg they have every day each!!
Goodness Mercia how many jam kettles do you have on the go at once.
Question Author
All done! I have two copper bottomed jam making pans, I bought them in a house sale in 1986 for £30 the pair, they hold about 25lb of prepared fruit, so once fruit is hulled, and cut up, it fits! I dread to think what they would have cost new but they hang against my Kitchen wall and I scrub and sterilise them before use.

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all, Thursday's Menu, with vegetarian option, for those interested. Early today I know, but I've got 40lb of strawbs waiting to be turned into jam

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