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merciasounds | 11:08 Tue 18th May 2010 | Food & Drink
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Today is a bit different, no starters to speak of, there will be bowls of mixed salad leaves, onion rings, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, red, orange and yellow peppers, celery, pasta salad, potato salad and many varieties of bread rolls.
On the BBQ we'll have
Sausages: Traditional Pork, Pork with leeks and apple, pork with ginger, spring onion, beef with Guinness, beef with horseradish mustard
Pork chops marinated in cider and garlic, lamb chops in mint glaze, chicken legs in garlic butter, in Spicy BBQ sauce and in chili and lime
Steak burgers
Sliced cheese and cooked bacon for the burgers

Relishes and sauces - the crab apple and mint jelly is lovely on lamb or pork, and the Tomato and chili is HOT if you like a heat kick

The first English Strawbs are ready so I made a fresh cream strawberry gateau, and there's a chocolate fudge cake and different flavours of ice cream for pud

there are copious amounts of lager, bitter and cider (both pear and apple) Guinness, and frosty cold bottles of anjou rose, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Cava, and a very nice piersporter michaelsberg

fruit juice/fizzy water


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Well considering it's a barbie, then i'll be having a bit of everything :D It all sounds amazing
Question Author
I forgot about the steaks!! I've got 25lb of marinating steaks!! olive oil, black pepper, garlic on some, chili on others, some in smoky BBQ sauce, some plain
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And I thought I had the munchies before!

Mixed salad leaves, onion rings, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, red, orange and yellow peppers, celery, pasta salad.

Chicken legs in garlic butter.

Tomato and chili sauce.

Fresh cream strawberry gateau.

A glass of anjou rose then fruit juice :)
Hey mercia, are you Sophie Grigson in disguise. Mouthwatering food again........
Question Author
Soppy Griggsy? A girl hanging onto her mother, Jane's coat tails? Soppy, who, divorced my friend Willy Black for a series of 'student' trainee cooks from the local catering college?!! I'm insulted!! ;-)
Surely not mercia. Do you actually know her as I did enjoy her cookery programmes on TV a while back.........
Question Author
I have met her at one or two catering functions, I don't know her as such, but it's her ex hubby, Willy he's a fisherman i know he used to live next door to my parents in Devon
Am I too late?

Is there anything left ?
Question Author
re-inforcements inthe kitchen JJ - I've saved you some lamb, plenty of steak and sausages left - burgers are going quickly though!!
Question Author
PS JJ, also saved you a couple of bottles of crisp, bone dry white, nice and cold - cheers
Hi everyone i have some great caribbean recipe's in my cook books on my site

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BBQ Time!! Todays Menu:

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