what should i have with the following assorted fish

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mandimoo | 21:06 Sat 15th May 2010 | Food & Drink
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i have a vac pack of the following ready to eat fish - smoked mackerel, peppered mackerel, hot smoked salmon, pepper and onion topped salmon. i have risotto rice to go with. how can i flavour up my risotto to best complement these robust fish? please feel free to include method, as im no expert on risotto!, thank you.


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The fish seem to be pretty strongly flavoured already so you don't want to overkill.

You could just go for a simple garlic and some black pepper. Maybe some fresh lemon juice.

A friend of mine does a gorgeous risotto with leek or spring onion.
I like a very simple solution of a chilli dipping sauce, drizzled across the dish. I have strange tastes so it may not appeal to all! I had a stunning risotto the other day with butternut squash in it, it gave the risotto a lovely nutty taste.
use veggie stock and plenty of salt, pepper and parmesan cheese if you have it. the art of risotto is to cook the rice in oil until it 'pops' and changes colour and to add the stock slowly while you are continuously stirring. many people just dump the rice and stock in together and it can get very dry and tasteless if you don't stir. by the end of cooking, your arms will want to fall off. that is the sign of a good risotto! x

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what should i have with the following assorted fish

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