So...todays menu: Starters Hummous ( chickpeas, sesame paste

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merciasounds | 09:47 Tue 27th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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garlic, lemon and best Extra virgin olive oil) Tzatziki Thick greek yogurt, cucmber and mint, and taramasalata (smoked cod's roe, lemon, olive oil little garlic) served with warm pitta breads
Grilled lobster tails with garlic butter

Or Spicy Mexican style three bean soup.

Mains: Tenderloin of pork fillet wrapped in smoked bacon and sage leaves, served with a creamy apple brandy sauce

OR Hunter's chicken parcels - Breast of chicken topped with a coarse pate with truffles, wrapped in a light puff pastry, baked until golden

OR Lamb Moussaka - layers of fried sliced potatoes and aubergines with a ragu of minced lamb with tomatoes herbs and garlic, topped with more veg then a creamy white sauce with cheese baked until golden

Puds Trio of sorbets ( Mango and passionfruit, blacurrant, lemon)

Or peach mousse cake with Archer's peach county schnapps

Tropical fruit salad and ice cream

Irish/ordinary coffee


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Got any hot dogs?
Lobster tails....


Irish Coffee...
my westie is quite warm......
No starter

Lamb Moussaka

Peach Mousse cake
Yummy yum, I love this!

To start I will have the lobster tails

Then the chicken parcels followed by a trio of sorbets washed down with Irish coffee!!
That's a lovely spread merciasounds. I tried making hummous the other day inspired by tesco's delicious coriander and lemon hummuos blending chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil and coriander at the last minute and it came out nothing like the tesco's one, maybe something to do with my hand held blender ( As I don't have a normal one) What's your recipe?
can the first two starters and the pork and the sorbets with the tropical fruit salad

weird i'm sitting here dipping pitta's into taramasalata and tapenade, 'n got some mango on the side for laters....
spicy mexican soup
followed by chickenparcels
tropical fruit salad to follow

sounds yummy x
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Hi bigfoot - Now I'm hopless at giving amounts as I've been cooking for nearly 40 years and tend to do alot by 'eye' - anyway to start, DON'T use a blender, use a good old fashioned potato masher (NOT a ricer) one where you plunge it up and down using elbow grease!! add tahini, a clove of garlic juice of half a lemon and enough olive oil to give the consistancy you like - I like it quite thick, not too thick, but not runny - this is to one can of chickpeas
Thanks mercia I suppose just like everything in life it's trial and error till I get it the way I like!
Keep those tasty recipes coming mercia!
As always, I'll be on time for desserts. I like sorbets!

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So...todays menu: Starters Hummous ( chickpeas, sesame paste

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