Morning AB'ers Full cooked English Breakfast this morning if you like

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merciasounds | 10:23 Sat 10th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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Or variations/sandwiches there of: Olde English Recipe Gloucester Old Spot Pork sausages, grilled back bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, eggs either fried, poached or scrambled, toast, potato cakes, white pudding black pudding and some lambs kidney's.

I've cooked a ham and glazed it with grainy mustard and heather honey, so there are sandwiches for lunch for those who want them, I've got a lovely real Devon farmhouse cheddar too, medium mature. Bread is fresh straight out of the oven - white, granary and wholemeal, also a spelt/rye flour one (that one is particularly nice with the cheese) Vine toms/my own caramelised onion chutney to go with.
there's a pot of homemade vegetable soup too

fillet steaks tonight, with homemade beer-battered onion rings, hand cut chips, garden salad, sautee mushrooms, garden peas - red wine sauce if required

OR Thai green chicken and prawn curry with rice

pear's poached in red wine,
banana splits with homemade ice cream, whipped cream toffee sauce
fresh fruit kebabs with chocolate dip with raspberry liqueur
coffee, petit fours, port and cognac


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Do you have many leftovers Mercia?
I don't like fry ups. Although I do cook them now and then. Not keen on sausages, bacon, black pudding or beans....
Question Author
no, If I make a pie or casserole, i take some to the widower over the road from me, and invariably somebody will drop in on me at lunchtime so baking never has more than a day in the tin! I do batch cooking for the freezer so I always have something I can serve at short notice too.
Question Author
the only thing fried is the eggs, and mushrooms, sausges and bacon i grill. have lunch instead then!
Whatsa white pudding?
I can't.....I don't feel very well so can't make up my mind.
I love kidneys. Boo do you not have White pudding there? Ummmm you ok or is it self inflicted?
Quite possibly Peri, if I knew what it was??
Question Author
white pudding is pork meat and fat, suet, oatmeal, onions and spices in a casing, like black pudding but contains no animal blood
Not self inflicted this time Peri :-(
You don't give up do you mercia.


You don't give up do you mercia.
Your so full of it.
What's that suppose to mean Henkle?
Question Author
This will be my last post Henkle 2 - Thanks to you I'd like to think that other's enjoyed them, obviously you didn't so why bother to f*cking read them?
And in the same packaging as black pudding boo - prefer black myself !
Ummmm hope you can rest up today
We still need to collect the ring. Nothing went to plan last weekend....then on Monday they were closed. I don't want to collect it by myself....

Mercia......don't let them bother you. The rest of us enjoy your posts.
I certainly do Mercia - gives me an appetite - seriously - ignore it !
merciasounds is....
Complete bullsh1t ummmm.
I'll be the first to stick my neck out (as an expendable poster) it's utter fantasy.
I think the more astute have cottoned on but for go crying out loud don't play to this rubbish.
Ok henkle - even if it is - does it really matter in the major scheme of things - we're talking food - we enjoy it - it's not ads if we will lose anything from the experience
Why give credit to fantasists and perpetuate their delusional aspirations.
Their pretence will accordingly feed you inappropriate ideas in an attempt to palliate their own culinary miss understandings . You shouldn't encourage such people.
Question Author
I'd like to know why he thinks its BS? Are you my neighbour? NO. I bake for the WI. My husband and I hold a lot of dinner parties because of the nature of his work. The menu's i put up depends on what I have in the fridge. I do a cooked breakfast on saturdays, sundays, tuesdays and thursdays when my husband works from home. tonight my friend's son who is staying with us wants curry, my hubby a steak. what i don't use steak wise will go in the freezer. I always have batches of cooked meat/poultry on hand as I said because my hubby often drops it on my toes at 5.30 with a phone call, can I bring home two guys for dinner? I've noticed your sarcasm all week, 'egg and chips for me' 'is that all' I'm only pleased that you'll never get to taste any of my cooking

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Morning AB'ers Full cooked English Breakfast this morning if you like

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