do all livers taste the same?

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pinkfluffo | 23:09 Fri 09th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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I want to make a chicken liver pate and i know chicken liver is probably the best to use but the only ones they do in my local supermarket is pig, lamb and ox liver. Would these all taste the same as chicken liver? Or would the pate taste totally different if i used a different type? Thanks


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Oooo interesting question, I'm curious too.
Sorry you cant use the other livers they are way to strong
Chicken liver is much paler and has a more delicate flavour.
They are usually sold in the freezer section of the main are looking for a round tub (most often, anyway).
I;ve never had chicken liver so I can't really say for sure, but pig liver is softer and sweeter than lamb or ox liver, which have a stronger taste.
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i shop in asda and i cant find chicken liver in the frozen section either, bloody useless shop. I actually hate liver but love chicken liver pate and wanted to make it myself. I tried ox liver the other day and it was vile but thought it would be ok in a pate :(
It is hard to find chicken livers
I buy mine at both Tescos and Morrisons.
High Street Butchers can often have them, or get them pretty quickly if you tell them what it's for.
What about the taste of different animals livers, that's my interest. Do they all taste alike?
No,if so we would be eating lamb pig and ox liver pate
As a treat we used to boil chicken livers for our cat....she used to go wild for them. Tesco's always had them in the freezer section, but that was 6 or 7 years ago. Haven't looked since then, but where else would you put all those chicken livers, thinking of the number of chicken thighs available!
Thanks Poodi.
In decreasing order of taste;
1. Ox Liver
2. Pig Liver
3. Lamb Liver (too powdery for my liking)
4. Anything else that has a liver...........
You can make pate from any kind of liver although as ther people have said, they can be quite strong flavoured. As a result they are often toned down a bit by using pork belly meat or some other less highly flavoured meat.

Here is a recipe from Hugh F-W (or more accurately , his butcher!)

or here are some Lamb's liver pate recipes:
All of a sudden I have a hankering for some liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!
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thanku i will have a lookie.
We do have a butchers nearby but just so much more expensive but by the sounds of it probably worth it
Thanks Jack!
Asda sell chicken livers from time to time but never a reliable stock, they are delish gently sauted and slightly devilled with some chili on toasted baguette. Yum and very cheap!
Chicken Livers in a Butchers shouldn't be too has been mentioned just think how many chickens end up in in their shops, and they all have their livers removed.
As somebody else said, you'll find them in the frozen section of the supermarket, they come in round tubs like margarine tubs. I do use pork and I use wild boar liver, i always soak it in milk first, that takes away the strong sometimes 'metallic' iron taste. a strong liver will take strong flavours, such as garlic, alcohol (brandy and calvados are good) and spices such as mace and peppercorns.

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do all livers taste the same?

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