Tonight's fabulous alternative menu

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Androcles | 17:13 Wed 07th Apr 2010 | Food & Drink
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The special alternative evening menu straight from our own sophisticated Kitchen:

Tonight we have a choice of Game pie made with squirrel haunch and pigeon breast from animals trapped in our own kitchen garden and served with Game chips from our own Desiree potatoes and garnished with home grown cavallo nero, lightly steamed.


Black pudding curry (Black pudding fresh from our own butcher from a Rick Stein food hero) delicately flavoured with garlic and turmeric grown in pots in our own green houses) and marinated in fresh goatsmilk yoghurt from our own herd of Golden Guernsey goats, with our own aubergine, onion and carrot and served with rice grown in our farm in northern Italy.


Smoked Trout fricasee from trout caught in our stream and smoked in our own backyard smoker, with Potato salad from homegrown pink fir potatoes and homemade mayonnaise, served with Crusty bread baked this very afternoon and a salad of wild leaves from the meadow.

For afters, Lady Macdonald's marmalade tart made with eggs from our Maran Hens and this year's batch of delicious homemade Seville orange marmalade, with a side of toasted clementines, specially imported, or chocolate tart, made with Cacao beans we roasted and extracted ourselves flavoured with home grown vanilla and decorated with a lemon garnache

And all done with my own fair hand in a spare half hour I had this afternoon......


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had a real good chuckle reading this :) :) :).
please can you save me some black pudding curry?
Any ideas what I can do with a can of tuna, half a pound of mouldy cheese and half a tin of cat food?
Yes barmaid, throw it out and go to kfc.
I'd rather eat the catfood!!!
It all sound delish Androcles

Here at Maison Overall tonight's menu is simple and rustic:

King Edwards from Mr O's allotment, simply prepared into oblong pieces, par boiled then drizzled with virgin olive oil, sea salt crystals & ground black pepper and baked in the oven.
These are served with Oeufs a la Overall - eggs gently broken into a pan containing a hint of the finest sunflower oil, and cooked for 2 minutes until glistening
The vegetable dish is the finest haricot beans, from a selection of the 57 we have available, served in a delicate yet colourful tomato based sauce.
so funny mrs. o :)

I have to admit im in awe of Mercia and slightly scared. In my house you don't get a choice. Well that's a lie, its a case of "im making this for tea, or it's nothing"
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Squirrel ??
Question Author
Squirrel - why not Plenty of Cheffy fecipes -
ROFL........very funny..

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Tonight's fabulous alternative menu

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