how to stop meatloaf sticking to tin foil

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dmax | 11:15 Mon 08th Mar 2010 | Food & Drink
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i made a meatloaf/ stuffing last night , done it in the oven wrapped in tin foil , took it out and the bottom was completewly black and stuck to the foil, what is best way of avoiding this in future, samwe when i put chicken legs on foil in oven they stick to the foil, will i grease the foil beforehand with butter ? or use grease proof paper in future ?

also and good recipes for meatloaf / stuffing ? i made mine with pork sausage meat, cranberry and cinnimon stuffing mix, 1 apple , 1 onion , some more cinnimon spice added and pepper mmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious !!


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make the meatloaf in a non stick loaf tin....same with the chicken legs..its cheaper in the long run than using foil and more environmentally friendly
As cooking oil has a higher burning temperature than butter,in theory greasing the foil with oil will work even better.Its what I use for chicken and seems to work.Enjoy
I make a meatloaf wrapped in foil (loosely)......I open the foil every 20 minutes or so, and pour a bit of hot stock over......reduces the likelihood of sticking.
I use greaseproof paper, also stops the thing burning if you use a double layer (same with christmas cake)
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Teflon sheets are the best remedy, they are versatile and reusable BUT, and I add, expensive......About £4.00 for one sheet 12"X12"
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how to stop meatloaf sticking to tin foil

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