Golden Wonder Crisps

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hairygrape | 18:33 Sun 07th Feb 2010 | Food & Drink
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I'm fed up with Walkers Crisps. Does anyone know if any of the supermarket chains stock Golden Wonder crisps? They are so much tastier!


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I think Golden Wonder were taken over by Walkers,
not sure but someone will know ...
You can still buy them. Tayto bought the company a while back.
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I've found their website but I still don't know who stocks them.
ooh, ooh, let me tell you about my latest find!

tesco do a multi bag of ready salted crisps.They are their value range, and I know what you're thinking. But, honestly, they are lovely!
I bought some for a kid's party and was totally amazed by the flavour and quality.
Next time you're in tesco, just grab some and try a bag.

The cost? An inCREDible 47p for 12 - count 'em - twelve- bags!!!
that will be the 8% saturated fat in each bag that makes them taste so good!!
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I dont care if they are fatty,salty and full of fake potatoe-they are yummy.The price makes them taste soooo much better.Must go and get some tomorrow,start diet Tuesday(ha ha fat chance)
Walkers took a nose dive in taste when they changed to using SunSeed™ sunflower oil (same great taste - oh no it wasn't!). Notice too that the Heinz endorsement was dropped from their Tomato Ketchup flavour crisps - that tells you something. As to Golden Wonder, their quality dropped too, when the original owners sold the company. Nevertheless, they've remained pretty good. I'm sure my local Tesco had them recently.
my family never did like walkers crisps, their favourites were seabrook then golden wonder.
Well, I think you're all mad!! Walkers ARE the best, and no good turning to Nobby's crisps, or even Nature's Kitchen, coz they're made in Leicester too, Walkers....
Forgot to say, Mark's and Spencer do nice crisps with unusual flavours
most supermarkets here in scotland still stock them and newsagents do to ,they are still golden wonder and still as tasty
Seabrooks are lovely crisps,they used to have a sweetcorn flavour which they must have dropped,and tayto crisps are tasty to
Why have I never ever really liked crisps of any kind. They seem to be a favourite food. Morning poodi!!
marmite crisps.. now your talking

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Golden Wonder Crisps

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