Hallogen Oven follow up

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Dee Sa | 12:49 Mon 07th Dec 2009 | Food & Drink
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I did say I would let you guys know how I got on, after several e-mails to JML and complaining about the cost to post it back all because the bulb had blown, they rang me and said if I had the receipt take it back to Asda where I bought it and they should replace under 12 mths guarantee.
Quite honestly I thought this a cop out on their behalf , so I rang the Asda branch I bought it from and they said yes they were willing to replace, so thats what I shall do today.
good luck to anyone else with problems and I have bought a halogen cook book from the Daily Mirror on line and although not a thick book the recipes look simple and easy to follow.


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Better luck this time DS. As before, I certainly advise you once more to keep all the packaging in the shed or attic. I had to send TWO back before I went for a refund.
If Asda sold it to you, then they were acting as agents for JML. Any problems are therefore the responsibility of Asda. Many shops will tell you it's nothing to do with them, and to deal directly with the manufacturer. This is not true, and it's the shop's legal responsibility to sort things out.
Glad to hear you got things sorted out.
I am just about to send my second halogen oven back to JML the last one blew its bulb and boy does it go with a bang a lady at JML told mine was a rare case the first time well enough is enough i want my money back
I think your experience, Davester, and mine show clearly that this is very far from "a rare case". These ovens are obviously flimsy and, as I said in DS's last halogen thread, the fact that we as average punters can do nothing whatsoever about a blown bulb ourselves is the killer for me.
Nevertheless, I wish you nothing but luck with the new oven, DS. I'm sure there will be many people who have had better experiences.
It is the bulb that has gone on ours as well, so definitely not a rare thing! :-(

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Hallogen Oven follow up

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