Pyrex dish breaking

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Lindt21 | 20:18 Mon 10th Aug 2009 | Food & Drink
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What did I do wrong please? took pyrex dish out of cupboard put bacon from fridge into dish, then put dish on a tray and into the warming oven. Took dish out and it was cracked into two pieces. Have now lost confidence in my pyrex.

I have just put tonights leftover meat and veg into pyrex dish and into fridge for later in the week, should I put it from fridge into cold over, or take out of fridge so it comes to room temperature before putting into warm oven?

I thought pyrex could go from hot to cold but not to put cold liquid into a hot dish or hot liquid into a cold dish.

Any suggestions would be most grateful

Thank you


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This is a rarity. Maybe your dish had a knock and got slightly cracked. Any weakness can crack.

I had a photo in a science book of a pyrex dish, half was encased in a huge block of ice and the other half was being subjected to a large blowtorch and it survived intact.

It will probably never happen again in your lifetime.
I have my doubts about Pyrex dishes and the variation of temperatures to which they can be subjected.

It is the case that I took a dish from the oven and placed it onto a chopping board and there may have been a dampness on the board . Anyway, the Pyrex dish exploded into pieces. Consequently, I no longer use Pyrex for regular oven cooking but have no compaints about using in a microwave.


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Pyrex dish breaking

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