Coriander ???

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cameo | 11:41 Wed 15th Apr 2009 | Food & Drink
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Hi everyone,
I have a recipe which says.....'Fresh coriander (1 Bunch)'
now I couldn't get any fresh coriander so I bought a jar of corinder leaf, (not ground coriander, this is like chopped up leaves!) How much of this coriander leaf is equal to a bunch of fresh coriander??

thanks x


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Jar of coriander would not be 'fresh'. Buy bundles from asian grocery's. Tip: freezes well - break off & re-freeze!
You can also get fresh coriander fromTesco, Sainsburys or any of the other main supermarkets. Dried coriander won't taste the same as fresh.
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Thankyou both for your response, but I am aware that dried coriander leaves won't taste the same as fresh but as I couldn't get any fresh that is what I had to buy.
I'm just not sure how much to use!!!
Hello Cameo I would suggest 6 heaped teaspoonfuls of corriander paste to your recipe. However stir it through the food towards the end of cooking as the flavour is soon lost in heat..

Happy Cooking
Have fresh also in Morrisons.

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Coriander ???

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