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ainitatyb | 19:47 Sun 29th Mar 2009 | Food & Drink
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I saw reference to vesta curry in a TV programme recently and although I never ate them they were adverts which were part of my generation. But whatever happened to them? Who were the manufacturer? Whatever happened to the company? and the product?


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They are still going strong, dried MSG and all. You can get Vesta Paella in Poundland for �1 (surprisingly). I love it, add a tin of tomatoes and half a bag of frozen prawns and it becomes haute cuisine.
yuk gormless
.... remember it well ...............

I knew a French chef once who always referred to porridge as "oat cuisine" ..........................
Oh dear, I was going to admit to eating and even quite liking these but I dont think I will now!!!!!!!
gormy my daughter loves Vesta paella - but it has to be burnt... can get vesta chow mein in Asda for �1.39...................................................I love it
You can get it for �1 in Poundland, just next to Allders, why traipse to ASDA and pay 39p more?
That takes me back...I remember Vesta chow had to add water to a dry mix...and no matter how long you cooked it there were still dry bits in it that were as hard as bricks...and noodles that you fried and they turned out like Quavers crisps. lol.
I find it hard to believe this stuff is still availabe...Gormless next time you're in Asda will you please check the sell-by date on the chow's probably June, 1967
We dont have a poundland here Gormy
Vesta was revolutionary - they introduced many people to their first ever curry - just because it was nothing like a real curry is beside the point......
I used to like the Beef Risotto - nothing like a real risotto but in the 70s we didn't know any better. And Tesco still sells Vesta meals
absolutely bensmum - I think they came out in the mid 60's and were groundbreakers....
Most of them are also available in FarmFoods branches too.
God...i had forgotten about these
Vesta Beef Curry....loved them...must get one and see if it is as good after all these years....;-0
Vesta meals were, at one time, manufactured by the Bachelor's factory in Sheffield.

Looking at the packet of Vesta Paella in my kitchen cupboard reveals that 'Vesta' is a registered trade mark of H L Foods Limited but the products are currently produced by Premier Grocery Products Limited (of Long Sutton in Lincolnshire).

As others have mentioned, Vesta meals are still available in some of the big supermarkets but they also appear quite often in '99p' or '�1' shops. I buy them as special treats for the days when I can't be bothered to cook anything. (Yes, I know that they've been regarded as 'naff' for several decades. Yes, I know that they contain MSG. Yes, I know that they offer very little in terms of nutrition. Yes, I know how to cook the 'real' versions. But I still love all Vesta meals, especially the Beef Risotto).

Chris, you can't love the Vesta curries , they were hideous
To be honest, Rosetta, I only buy the Beef Risotto, Paella and Chow Mein (when I can find it) these days. I haven't tried one of their curries for many years, so I can't really comment about them.
Question Author
Many thanks everyone
These things are gorgeous!
Getting a bit hard to find now, so when i do see them i buy like 10 boxes!

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