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Connemmara | 16:53 Sat 14th Mar 2009 | Food & Drink
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Anybody tell me how to make nice gravy if you have not roasted any beef. I make it with oxo and gravy granules but it is very salty


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bisto gravy powder is the best. In a brown box.
Mix 4 heaped tablespoons in a pan with a little bit of water to a paste, then add a pint of cold water and bring to the boil stiring all the time. depending on how thick you want it you can always add more water to thin it out.
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I agree with kjc about Bisto powder - as it's veggie you can use it for veggie dishes too (the granules are not veggie btw). I make up mine like kjc does but instead of plain water, I make up some veg stock by dissolving some tomato pur�e in hot water, adding some boullion or a veg stock cube and some mixed herbs and letting them rehydrate for a few minutes, then gently heating up the stock. Add the bisto paste when the water is boiling and stir well.
Add a tablespoon of Sage and Onion stuffing straight from the packet as you're making the gravy, delish!
Since 1994 when Gary Rhodes book, Rhodes around Britain (following the TV series) came out, I`ve followed his recommendation & used Crosse & Blackwells packet Bonne Cuisine gravies with great success. The two are Madeira Wine gravy (very dark) & White Wine gravy. I still make traditional gravy from a beef roast.
make it semi properly!!!!!

add a good splash of oil ( about 3-4 tablespoons) to a saucepam, heat...
add flour to its a paste, and cook on medium heat until its brown,
now add water slowly whisking in, until its the consistancy of good gravy! some like it thin others thick!!!

add about 2-3 knorr beef stock cubes,
or fresh beef stock if you made some!
a splash of gravy browning,
and simmer for at leats half hour.....

add red wine or rosemary or roasted garlic.....if you like!!!
Hey Curly :-)
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thanks everybody - will take your ideas on board. I knew about the bisto (ord) but I always thought it tasteless. but will try again. ta ra
Melt lard add flour & stir to cream. Add veg water and drop of beer. Use browning for colour & add salt to taste.

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