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Bonzo 2000 | 13:29 Tue 03rd Mar 2009 | Food & Drink
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In a recent promotional advert, it appeared this was being pronounced as mo-ette. I had always assumed that this was incorrect. In an episode of The Royle Family, Jim is heard to say of his glass of pomagne - This is every bit as good as mo-ette. I had always assumed that the correct french pronunciation was mo-ay.

Can anyone advise?


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The french pronounce it mo-ette because of the 'et' (&).
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Mo-ette is right, not mo-ay
Milvus is correct,it should rhyme with no way but all in one word "moway" and chandon.
The umlaut over the "e" make it Mo - ett

Obviously the "&" is in French !!!

So it's ...

Mo - ett ... "ay" ... Chandon
It should rhyme with "go get"

not with "no way"
I'm a chav then -cos I always say it 'Mo-ay'.

I shall now take heed and call it Mo-ette and I daresay i will get corrected :)

I had noticed the pronunciation 'difference' as well as it happens.
Dris ...

If anyone does try to "correct" you, you should draw their attention to the two small dots over the "e"

This is an umlaut ... common in German, but very unusual in French.

The effect is to harden the "e" and "t".

The normal French pronunciation of "et" would rhyme with "hay"

Because of the umlaut, in Moet, it rhymes with "wet"

The bit that most people say wrongly is the "&" which, for some bizarre reason, most people say in English !!
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Thank you all for your input. Mow ette ay chandon it is then. Might just be simpler to order a bottle of Bolly!
Bolly? no! now the correct way to pronouce bolly!
Bolly is nicer.

Or even ... (for preference)

"Vurve Klee Ko"
"Vurve Klee Ko"
Jogger,is'nt that french for special brew?
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Asti Spewmante.
Moet is la creme de la [email protected]!

Love Veuve, taittinger and Perrier Jouet (la belle epoque Rose)
no mercy....not bad but Louis Roederer......the champagne of Zsar Nicholas 11.

Do you know what is characteristic of this Champagne bottle, not the wine, the bottle?

Answers on a post card.
is it plastic, sqad, with a lovely screw-top?
I had a bottle of the Louis Roederer at xmas. I bought it for my ex and we had it with Christmas dinner. Well, they're the makers of Cristal, aren't they?

Yes...but what is unique about the bottle?
Can't say I noticed except it had a silver label. Btw, I had a lovely pink from Waitrose called Tsarine which was created especially for the Russian Tsars.

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Moet & Chandon - pronunciation

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