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bubbles4920 | 05:52 Tue 03rd Mar 2009 | Food & Drink
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having friends round for sunday lunch ie roast beef and yorkshire pudding. wanting to do 2 desserts after, quite light. one friend doesnt like custard so cant do my normal apple pie/crumble though not light! what 2 desserts would you do? i did think of a chocolate roulade and some sort of fruit salad but dont want all sorts of fruit in it, any ideas welcome ;- )


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i sometimes do a quick fruit salad just using melon, strawbs and bananas. the fruits themselves are so full of juice that i don't bother making any, just toss the sliced bananas in lemon juice and tip that in.
ps. sometimes i use seedless grapes too.
Get a packed of frozen summer fruit (or frozen raspberries) from the supermarket and spread it out in the bottom of a dish to defrost.

Meanwhile whip a carton of whipping cream, and then mix in the same amount of greek yoghurt. Put this over the top of the fruit.

Then cover with a thick layer of demarara sugar and refrigerate it until the sugar is set
You can serve your apple pie/crumble with cream or ice-cream.
A quick and very light dessert (also can be done on the barbecue) put a split banana per person with some rum or brandy and leave a good half hour, put it into silver foil and add some raisins, close up and cook for 10/15 minutes.
Or a bread and butter pudding with cream or ice cream.
A few weeks ago I did my version of Eton Mess.

Basically make some meringue on a baking tray (following a basic meringue recipe. Whip up some double cream. Wash and cut up some fresh berry fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries or you can use frozen berries (defrosted) and layer the cream, fruit and meringue.

It is light and very tasty. So much so I made it again the following week.

Try a bailey's cheesecake with just a light base.
Chocolate trifle, get in!
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