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Linda51 | 18:34 Sat 28th Feb 2009 | Food & Drink
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I did the Slimming World diet a few years ago, and recently bought one of there magazines and there was a 7 day diet in it called extra easy, but the food you eat on original and green days like they used to do when I went is mixed up. Has anyone tried this and does it work as well as the green and original days. Thanks.


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I've just dug my old paperwork out and it is called Mix2Max. It worked for me, I lost 3 stone in 3 months. What the book actually says is:-

"Q. When should I choose Mix2Max?

A. Give it a try when you've really got to grips with Free and Superfree Foods. Then, whenever you like.

Q. How will I lose weight with Mix2Max.

A. Like the Green and Original choices Mix2Max is based on the power of Free foods, which are super-satisfying for the appetite and yet are relatively low in calories. While you are filling up on unlimited amounts of these foods you are naturally limiting your energy intake without counting a single calorie. All Free Foods whether Green or Original have these extra-satisfying qualities. So by making each main course either Green or Original, and snacking on Superfree Foods, you will be cleverly controlling your energy intake while enjoying more choice than ever."

Hope this helps and good luck. I need to get back on it myself.
As a current member of slimming world, i know that the extra easy is a new concept of helps the new members ease into the slimming world eating plan slowly. Personnally i prefer the normal way with the original and green days, but the extra easy does work too. The mix 2 max is slightly different.

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Slimming World Extra Easy Diet

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