Chicken thighs?

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~max~ | 16:51 Sat 21st Feb 2009 | Food & Drink
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What can I do with fresh chicken thighs? I'm planning on having crispy potatoes with them, but I have no inspiration for the chicken! Any ideas folks? Oven-based recipe, preferably.


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wrap each thigh in a rasher of bacon and put in a shallow overproof dish. cover with foil and roast for about 45-55 minutes. you could pour a can of chicken or mushroom soup over it first if you want some sauce, but it's really nice without.
Maybe try a barbecue type of sauce,with tomato sauce worcester sauce,touch of brown sugar and some mixed dried herbs!!!
Bone the thighs and put butter, mixed with garlic and parsley, where the bone was before rolling up and then cover with bacon as ethandron said.
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I have barbecue sauce (ketchup-type thing) and worcester sauce. Do I just cover the thighs in it (lol) and place in oven? Does it have to be wrapped in foil?
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Oh...I hadn't thought of deboning them, that makes sense!
have you any idea how hard it is for me to resist being smutty on this one :)
Cooooooooey chuckie x
i would cover your thighs lol with the sauce and a smidge of water,cover with foil cook off in medium oven for a time then remove film for the last 15 minutes to brown nicely bon appetite!!!
It's quite easy to bone them- just make sure your knife is sharp.
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Thanks everyone! I'll do them either tonight or tomorrow then.

Chuck, behave, you :-P
score them, cover with lemon juice, garlic/butter & chilli puree, dust with salt and grill for 15mins turning to brown all over. Peel pots and slice thicker than crisps and grill with chicken.

Add smash to thicken grilling sediments; pour over chicken when serving.
some ovens have grills;) Put all in oven - same result!
This is one of our favourate chicken meals. Totaly gorgeous and tasty! We add extra honey to make the chicken stickier.
You can fish the potatoes out 10 mins or so before the end, and fnish them in a separate dish, if you want them crispier, but i love the flavour of them in! ent-honey-and-lemon-chicken
Lie them in a roasting dish with your chunked up potatoes add wedges of a couple of onions and a lemon you can put in thick wedges of carrot and /or celery and/or f ennel sprinkle with a herb you like - rosemary or thyme are good pour over a good glug of wine or beer then a couple of table spoons of olive oil - season - stick it in the oven - delicious
I never know why people buy chicken breasts , thighs are more moist and tasty and are a lot cheaper.
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Chicken thighs?

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