Hugh Fearnley- Peels skin off veg??

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ans123 | 15:04 Fri 23rd Jan 2009 | Food & Drink
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On a recent Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall programme, he made a soup from veg out of his own garden - supposedly organic and pesticide free? - yet he peeled all the carrots/parsnips etc before boiling. Now, why did he do this? I thought the skins contained all the best nutrients?
Any Ideas?
(B.t.w I get excema if I eat cooked potato skins so that's why I'm curious.)


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Just underneath the skin is the best nutritiants. But maybe he has a cat or dog that uses the garden as a toilet?
I wouldn't eat anything unless it was peeled.
Animal poo apart, by peeling, he's getting rid of any grit that might be embedded in the skins of the vegetables, especially carrot and parsnip with their surface grooves. Scrubbing alone may not get rid of it all.
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@daniela........When you eat apples, do you peel the skins and throw away?

@heathfield........I was thinking this, but I know Hugh doesn't like to waste anything and I thought a good scrub with a brush - even if it left a bit of grit wouldn't put him off? I mean he eats almost every part of an animal.

Still seems strange to me - being that he doesn't like to waste anything?
There's not many veggies i'll peel before cooking, they get scrubbed and that's it. Even if it's potatoes and i'm chipping them.
I don't peel any vegetables, one quick rinse in cold water and on the boil they go.
i'm the same as boo, in fact most times i don't even wash carrots or parsnips before cooking them (unless they look particularly grimy) as i reckon the cooking process kills of any nasty stuff on them. i only ever peel potatoes if i'm going to mash them, and i don't do that very often. i never wash lettuce either, unless there's obvious soil on them too. hasn't done me any harm.
I do peel carrots and parsnips.....personally it is a preferance as I find there is a difference in texture between outer skin and inner flesh.
I too think it is the safer option as far as health is concerned, but if you grow your own,and have had no health issues.....then it is up to you.
But-in a commercial kitchen I would ALWAYS have to go for the safer option.
I agree with you Pasta - its a texture thing - I leave the skins on most stuff if I want a crispy finish and peel them if I want a puree or smooth texture
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Thanks for the answers!
It`s all down to presentation, if you don`t peel the veg you end up with all sorts of marks and blemishes, it`s a bit like putting Kate Moss on a magazine cover without make-up

Same person, but not the same effect
Good analogy,ELVIS!
Lol - you've got a point Elvis and pasta.
Not only that, if veg are sprayed with pesticides, as most inorganic shop-bought ones are, then the poisons are absorbed through the outer skins and into the flesh. By cutting it away, you stand less chance of a toxic build-up after eating them. This can take years to have any effect on us, but certain chemicals that're allowed in the UK, aren't, for example, in Egypt and other places. In 20 years time, I'll let you know how it feels to have webbed feet and ten eyeballs! : )
I thought everyone peeled vegetables, prior to cooking them.

I've noticed Jamie Oliver just likes to take them out of the paper bags, covered in mud and just cuts them up and cooks them. Filthy git!
Yes.....he doesn't seem too keen on hygeine, does he? Once saw him stick his hands into a bowl of stuff and swirl something around - after he'd been outside picking strawberries and other stuff from his garden.
I personally wouldn't want to eat a meal prepared by him. He'd give his guests Toxoplasmosis.
Eeewwww!!! Well let's hope he doesn't have any cats roaming around his garden then, because that's one of the quickest ways of picking it up, from faecal soil. I know someone who DID contract toxoplasmosis. They didn't have it too severely, but it still wasn't pleasant, and for anyone with a weak immune system - or pregnant - avoidance is of the essence. Btw,hope you're going on alright V?
Night to everyone.
matbe it is a homoerotic thrill he gets.

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Hugh Fearnley- Peels skin off veg??

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