Pork - Loin Steaks Chops

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Jamjar74 | 19:26 Tue 25th Nov 2008 | Food & Drink
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What is the best way to cook the above so they stay moist and tender. Mine always come out dry and on the tough side. Have tried grilling and baking in foil packets.


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You could try in the oven in some water and add the cooking water to gravy.

I usually do mine on the George Forman grill and they do lovely.

Do you cut grooves in them to help them cook through quicker so they don't need as much cooking and they don't try out as much?
I simmer mine in onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and any other herbs/seasonings adding a little stock.
no girls youre grill is too high,everyone goes for the max just a medium heat!!!
In the oven with foil over the tray ..medium
heat for 30+ mins ..trial and error really...
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Thanks to everyone, will give them all a try. Much appreciated.
I always do mine in the oven, that way you get the crackling:
Get the chops out of the fridge early to let them get to room temperature.
Just before you put them in the oven, brush the skin only with really cold water then rub salt into it
Cook them at about 200, I think that is about gas mark 5
for about 15-20 minutes a side. Cook one side fully before you turn them over.
Don't forget to cook them early then leave them to rest for 15-20 minutes wrapped in tin foil
They need to rest to let the meat relax, you will find them more tender.
Whatever you do, do not over cook them, I always stick a knife into mine, if it comes out cleanly they are ready.

I brush olive oil over them at least half an hour before i cook them and this keeps them moist
try doing them in cider, then when they are tender, thicken the liquid with cornflour to give a gravy.
put some apple sauce in a pan, add some cider and heat gently.

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Pork - Loin Steaks Chops

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