Roast potatoes

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Lindt21 | 20:44 Mon 24th Nov 2008 | Food & Drink
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I try to get as much preparation for my dinner done before I go to work so I can get dinner done in about 40 minutes when I get home. Is it possible to parboil potates in the morning and then roast them in the evening, how should I keep the parboiled potates during the day - in water in fridge or just with a lid on at room temperature, will they go black like raw potates would, can I do the same with parsnips? Thanks


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I've had steamed potatos over from a meal & kept them in a bowl with a lid/ plate over in the fridge for the next day with no probs! I'm sure this would work for you too xxx
lindt just part boil as usual and dry out,room temperature,dont put in water just cover with a t cloth!!!
Yes, you can parboil potatoes and keep them until the evening... as the others have said, just keep them covered, cold and dry (ie not sitting in water but definitely in either a cold place or in the fridge) until you can roast them in the evening. You might like to rough up the edges of the dry potatoes before you drop them into hot oil... then they get a lovely crispy skin.

Parnsips - I wouldn't bother parboiling them but I would peel them, slice in half lengthways, remove the bitter heart and then place the raw slices in a bowl of water and pop this into the fridge until you are ready to dry them out and put into hot oil.
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Thanks for the tips I will give it a go tomorrow, looking forward to nice crispy roast potatoes!

Thanks again
make sure and use goose fat with a few sprigs of rosemary and a couple of garlic cloves in the pan. mmm delish best roasties ever. also rought up edges of potatoes then sprinkle them with flour for extra crisp. gorgeous!!!!!
i cook them as usaul, then half cook them until their lightly brown, then just ppop them in for 20 minutes to finish off and crispen up,
Parboiled potatoes will not discolour if you sprinkle them with flour (plain or self raising) you can leave them in the pan you used for parboiling. When you cook them they will be nice and crunchy

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Roast potatoes

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