Buying chocolate for someone with a nut allergy

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Hermia | 19:33 Fri 21st Nov 2008 | Food & Drink
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I have to buy some choccie for someone with a severe nut allergy. I have had a look in the shops and although some bars are labelled "may contain nuts" I cannot find any that say they are safe. Someone told me the Cadburys website had a list of which of their choccies is made in a nut-free zone, but I cannot see it on the website. Can anyone help? I don't want anything I have to buy online/mail order BTW. Cheers!


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I don't know about Cadbury's-tho most manufacturers can supply a list of their nut-free products.
I do know that KINNERTON make a fully nut-free includes choc lollys and a deluxe plain chocolate bar. I have bought them in larger Sainsbury's.
Cadbury's nut free products can be viewed by selecting 'Nut absent' at the foot of this page: orefront/?ObjectPath=/Shops/NutriApp
(However, there's no indication as to whether those products are made in a nut-free zone).

To see where you might find Kinnerton's products, see here: .html

Chris make handmade, gorgeous chocolates, the
owner has a nut allergy and everything is sourced and certified from nut free factories etc. makes handmade gorgeous fresh nut free chocolates - they source all their ingredients from nut free certified factories etc.

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Buying chocolate for someone with a nut allergy

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