Quick question: slow cooker beef

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~max~ | 21:04 Thu 20th Nov 2008 | Food & Drink
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Hi all! I bought some frozen casserole beef, so I'm planning to make a stew in my slow cooker with it. On the packet, it says "Best cooked from frozen".

Can I just cook it in a pan for a bit then coat it in flour and bung it in the SC? Or would I need to defrost it overnight?


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It depends on your timing. When are you wanting the stew to be ready? Personally I'd let the meat defrost, maybe with a little help from the microwave. Then, when soft, toss the cubed meat in well seasoned flour and brown well in a little dripping (Yes, dripping, it adds excellent flavour - just don't have it too often...) Take the meat out and put in slow cooker. Brown whatever veg you are using in the same pot (I use turnip, carrot, onion, celery) and add to SC. Add stock to frying pot to deglaze and get all the bits out. I've just tried the Knorr Stock Pot thingies and I'm impressed. I also add about 300ml dry cider. (Reader's Digest Farmhouse Cookery) Trial and error has shown that it needs about 6 hours minimum in SC to get meat perfect. Hope this helps, Cheers, Andy
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Thank you Andy! I'll let it defrost in the fridge overnight then.
I have made them before, but with fresh meat. I never thought of using cider either, good idea!
i dont brown anything just chuck it in frozen or defrosted never had a disaster yet! only thing with casserole beef i buy it from butcher so its frozen in a lump - not so good to put in frozen or just break it apart as it cooks and defrosts. chuck anything and everything you may fancy in with it and i thicken mine with a mixture of cornflour and gravy powder
from an experienced SC user(ive worn 3 out now on my 4th)
Question Author a different

I don't know what's best now...It's cubed and not in a big block. I guess my main worry is food poisoning, really, and also making the meat very tough. I wanted it for dinner tomorrow, so I could put it on low before I go to bed?
I always defrost meat and then put
in the slow cooker ..with veg and stock ..
I would microwave meat (full heat) for 20m (will cook from inside to out). Then fry the meat to seal it, when browned add water to collect frying juices. Add vegs/pots/seasoning & veg soup, bring all to boil. NOW pour into slow-cooker to simmer. Top up with water if liquid thick or drying.

To thicken, before serving, mash the potatos or add smash.
i find all the preparing before cooking defeats the object of a SC for me therefore i have never bothered - there are many others on here that do the same as me. If im cooking a whole joint of meat i NEVER defrost it first and no theres no need to leave it on over night first. Make it as complicated for yourself as you like but theres no need i promise!
busy bee why do they always ask people to defrost first then,there must be a reason??
i dont know puddicat. I had read from others on here that they used frozen meat and i tried it - not sure if i was doing the right thing initially, but its absolutely fine! Prior to that i was really fussy about defrosting!

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Quick question: slow cooker beef

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