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Lakitu | 22:09 Sun 14th Sep 2008 | Food & Drink
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Can anyone recommend a flash freezing technique, please?


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yeah salt and ice! here this'll explain....

What do you want to freeze?
This is difficult to do unless you have a source of extreme cold. The average freezer only reaches 0 degrees F. Here's a site that provides a method of using dry ice though. It's for fish but would work on nearly any food. h.php

Best of luck!
Strip off and run amok in the winter! ! ;0) xxx
PMSL Sachs lol x
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Terambulan, it's baked potatoes I want to freeze. I don't like potatoes baked in the microwave, so thought if I could do a batch in the oven then it will reduce the amount of money I spend baking one per night. I believe flash freezing them will prevent them going bad when I come to defrost them.

Clanad. many thanks for your input, buying dry ice seems a little excessive (and time consuming) when I'm trying to save money LOL.

Sachs, always a smart arse is there ;o) xx

Jack Daniels, I laughed too, but don't tell Sachs ;o)
Hi Lakitu!
O.k, I've come back to help xxx
Bake your potatoes as normal, cut in half lenghtway,scoop the insides out & mash up/ season. Pile back in to unbroken skins. When cool, wrap & freeze. Eat within 1 month. When you're ready to eat them, remove wrap, place on oiled baking sheet, re - heat 325 - 350 f until piping hot & add cheese or whatever! :0)
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Hmm, that's strange that taking it out of the skin, mashing and seasoning it will stop it going bad than if I left it whole.

Well, I shall give it a bash with one and see how it turns out, thank you very much, Sachs x

It'll be interesting to see if I can scoop out the tattie without ripping the skin.....

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