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jaffa cake | 19:59 Sun 14th Sep 2008 | Food & Drink
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im going to an 80s party and said i would do the food, so 80s food and drink ideas needed.also what sweets came out then, thank you


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um bongo
meat paste sandwiches
cheese spread sandwiches
fairy cakes with those sugar pictures on
trifle with silver balls and 100's and 1000's
artic roll
jaffa cakes
flying saucers
white mice
salt & shake crisps
monster munch
philandlil - that sounds more like a 60's party than an 80's party!

How about chilli and jacket potatoes, with a pasta salad. Then chocolate fudge cake. I remember both those from the 80's. Alcoholic drink would have to be beaujolais nouveau - this was really big in the 80's. Non alcoholic would be Perrier.

Sweets that came out then would be Wispa, Twirl, Boost and Nestle white chocolate with rice krispies in (sorry, can't remember what it's called!).
black forest gateau
cheese & pineapple on cocktail sticks
Anglo bubble gum - yum
fruit salad (sweets & fresh)
black jacks
Angel delight
dream topping
prawn cocktail (fresh & crisps)
Prawn cocktails
Things on sticks
Blackforest gateau
Squirty cream
Vesta curry
Can I come?
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ham, cheese and pineapple on a stick shoved into a halved grapefruit( maybe even covered in tinfoil)

white thing with crispies was a dairy crunch(yummy)
jack daniels - again it looks like a 60''s menu! Fondue and meat paste sandwiches were in the 1960s, black forest gateau and angel delight were the 1970s. I'll go along with the squirty cream though. My father-in-law used to cut cornettos (new in the 80s) in half length ways, but them cut side down on a plate and squirt squirty cream round the outside. And that was in the 80s.
liver sausage sandwiches
sandwich spread sandwiches
sardine & tomato paste sandwiches
salt & vinegar chipsticks/ space raider crisps (pickled onion flavour)
wagon wheels
anything made my Mr Kipling!
All sorts of penny sweets, candy sticks, black jacks, flying saucers, dib dabs,kola cubes,traffic light lollipops, sherbert pips - you can get a great selection of sweets via the sweet shop online I believe.
I could go on forever....!
ooooooo and SODA STREAM
Vimto - a soft drink from the 80's - not sure if you can still buy it or not. You can now make an alcoholic grown up version - tastes like vimto but made with a shot of port with a blue WKD and off you go (though too many will get you drunk quickly).

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80s food party

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