How long do I boil this piece of gammon for??

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pinkbunny | 13:54 Thu 31st Jul 2008 | Food & Drink
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I have a piece of gammon I need to boil today it says on the packet to cook it in the oven for 2 hours ten mins but my oven is not very good and I prefer to boil it anyway. It weighs in at 1.2kg and is to serve 5-6 people.
Any ideas???
I would normally ask my mum or nan but they are both out the country.
Thanks everyone hope someone can help me x x


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Fantastic thanks very much we will be eating tonight lol
x x
I would simmer it for approximately 60min....then drain.and put in a roasting tin. Make a paste of mustard and some brown sugar(or honey/golden syrup)....spread this over the fat on the joint...then bake for a further 60-75 min..........much nicer than plain boiled.
Hmmmmmmmm sounds nice pasta
Hi! are you,hun??
getting fat from eating all your recipes! lol
who ate all the pies???? I did lol
I'm fine hun (((((hugs))))) how you doin at work? what was on the menu today?
I am fine off today.....and you will know how I feel if you have a look at the 'worst boss' thread in CB-lol. Off to buy some food (!) later,hun xxxx
I boil mine in ginger beer. Cola and dry cider are other alternatives.

Once boiled for approx 1 hour, i then dry the gammon and smother it with dijon mustard and brown sugar as per pastafreaks method. Bung in the over for 30 mins or until the sugar is caramilised.
Forgot to say after reading jack daniel's link....i always put cloves, star annise, bay leaves, cinnamon and cardomon seeds in the ginger beer when boiling.
Cover with cold water, bring to the boil. Discard water and replace with fresh, cold water. Bring to the boil again and simmer for 20 minutes to the lb. Keep the stock for pea and ham soup. Yum!
I know it's too late for this particular meal, but do what I did after a previous posting gave me the idea. Boil it up once in water, then drain and boil it in pure cider for a while (20 minutes per pound / plus 20 mins). Make sure you open a window though or your house will smell like a brewery. Then drain, stick it in an oven dish, slather it in molasses and cloves and bake for ten - twenty minutes until you've got a crisp on the skin. If you want the whole lot to be less salty but don't have time to actually soak it overnight in a big bowl of water, boil it up three or four times, making sure you don't let it boil for too long in just water or it won't take much of the apple flavour in.
Bung it in the microwave with beer/lager (nick the old man's) for 30mins. I fit mine into a pyrex jug with cling-film on top.

Glaze with brown sugar and crisp under grill, turning.
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thank you for all your ideas I did as suggested pasta and it was lush went down really well thank you ever so much x x

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How long do I boil this piece of gammon for??

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