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SUNSHINER | 12:06 Mon 28th Jul 2008 | Food & Drink
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I love cooking these when I am in Spain. Does anybody know if there is a supplier who sells them in the UK. I am talking about the very large ones. Even king prawns are like tiddlers compared to these.


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Not exactly posh, but the are available from Iceland n+food_Fish
Erm, a fishmongers?
I was gonna say Iceland, as I brought some at the weekend.

I think they've got garlic butter in them.
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Thanks for the Iceland tip. I'll take a look. I've tried all the major supermarkets. By the way, DungeonJayne - if your local fishmongers sell them you are darned lucky!!!
Aldi and Lidl sell them.
I just googled "langoustines" (note spelling lol) and there is an on-line supplier called the "The Fish Society" that sells them in two different sizes (of 750g each):-

medium size - �14.80
extra large size - �34.30

Not being a fish eater, I have no idea whether this supplier is any good, sorry ! ec.cgi?section=Prawns,QSScampi,QSShrimp&gclid= CJ_n3ZGk45QCFQ8nEAodNknSSw#141000

PS My McAfee Site Advisor tells me that the site is ok, which is reassuring.
In this country they are often known as Dublin Bay Prawns, if that is any help
where abouts do you live?
If you are near SE London/Surrey, then i would strongly recommend a visit to Simpsons in old Coulsdon. They are a wholesaler, but they open to the general public for a few hours a few days a week.
they do amazing huge prawns raw or cooked, frozen or fresh.
Buy a huge box of about 40 prawns, might cost you about �40, but �1 each is much less than you pay in a supermarket, and much bigger, nicer prawns.
Just perfect with nothing but a bit of olive oil in a pan with some garlic.
Aldi have them in the freezer section.
Not all fishmongers will have them sitting around in the shop, but they can generally get them.

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