best way to freeze black currants

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rosyherb | 18:11 Sat 19th Jul 2008 | Food & Drink
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I've just had my first crop, not massive amounts but more than i can eat/make smoothes with this week.
I am better to freeze the currants as they or should i juice them first and freeze the juice. They will all probably end up in smoothies or milk shakes.

Any and all suggestions welcome - thanks


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You can do either - if you juice and sieve them they will take up less room in the freezer but if you freeze them (raw) laid out on trays and then bag them up when they are frozen they shouldn't clump up - they will be more versatile then (you could use them in pies, crumbles, yoghurts etc). You could also cook them in a little water and sugar and then sieve them to get a thick fruit sauce.
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Good point, will freeze as is.
freezing them separately then bag them up is a real good idea. why hadn't i thought of that?? i always have so much and never know what to do with it. great tip Juggs! thanks.
wrap them individually in tissue and then put in match boxes. this works trus me
you expect me to trust a person who says to trust them when they cannot even spell trust? :-)
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All done now thanks, i've started on my runner beans now.
Bought a house a couple of years ago with an established veggie patch, felt guilty not carrying it on, glad i did now. Over the last month had over 18lbs of strawberries, runners, and the carrots are magnificent, i love the fresh corn too. Half of what i plant dies, but hayho, still learning. Does anyone know of a good book for novice gardeners, to keep my veggies oming all year, not one which assumes you know what a truss is (and not the medical sort)!

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best way to freeze black currants

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