Fladen fish /meat smoker

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elephanto | 21:55 Sat 14th Jun 2008 | Food & Drink
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Have bought my husband for Fathers' Day a fish meat smoker that uses 2 meths burners. It has no instructions or recipes can anyone help?


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Unfortunately, the 'Downloads' section of the Fladen website only has the instruction manual in Swedish. The English version is shown as 'coming soon':

Perhaps you could get some information by sending them an email?
[email protected]

This is a complete translation of the Sweedish instructions I hope it is of some help i have to post in 2 sections this is one.

To put you together R�kl�dan:
Start with screws to secure handtagsknoppen with its white
ventilationsreglage. Just follow the instructions below.
To prepare the fish you:
� Clean the fish, but let their heads remain.
� Rinse and wipe out the fish.
� salted fish and to ensure that the fish is dry before
you start smoking.
1. Sprinkle a thin layer Fladen R�ksp�n (about 4 tablespoons) in the deepening
in the bottom of the box. Tip: Try to cut a couple
enriskvistar over vermicelli, in order to enhance the taste.
2. Place the droppskyddet top r�ksp�net, to protect
against the dripping fat.
3. Add the fish on the grid and the way the grid on the ground in the box.
At the larger fish is used only the lower grid.
4. Add the lid and secured with locking devices on the page.
5. Pour on T-Spirits in the two containers (burners).
6. Set burners in the wind screen and operated on.
7. Place the r�kl�dan top of the wind screen.
Some times:
Larger fish Trout and Big Aborre: about 30-40 minutes
Smaller fish that Herring and Baltic herring: about 12-15 minutes
The fish is ready when you can unload ryggfenan.

Part 2 of the instructions......

Salad with smoked Pilgrimsmusslor (4 persons)
12-16 pc large scallops
1 pc ruccolasallad in batch
2 pc whole lime
2 tbsp pine nuts
and some yellow and red tomatoes
1 / 2 tbsp �pplecidervin�ger
1 teaspoon kikkoman soya
2 tbsp olive oil
1 / 2 pressed garlic cloves
and a few drops of piri-piri
salt and pepper
L�ttsalta scallops about 20 minutes before smoking.
They can be smoked individually but they are easier to manage
if they Tr�s on a skewer. Smoke them about 10 minutes. Mix salad
and dressing and prepare on a plate. They can
eaten ljumna alternatively, they can also be roasted for a while after
Enjoy your meal
Leif & Sebastian Mannerstr�m
Smoked Chicken (4 persons)
Four large chicken breast. Preferably majskyckling. L�ttsalta
30min before smoking. The smoke is about 20min to get r�kkarrakt�r.
Pensla chicken with Glazes�sen and fry them in the oven
about 20 min 180-200 � C until they become a little crisp.
Served with Sibbern BBQ sauce.
2 tbsp liquid honey
2 tbsp kikkoman soya
1 tbsp concentrated orange juice
1 tbsp olive oil
1 pc crushed garlic cloves
salt and pepper
Sibbern BBQ sauce
This recipe is intended for more than 4 persons then preserved
only found in large packs. Boil the sauce and freeze
then down into smaller portions for future use.
8 pc peppers
4 garlic cloves pc
4 pc yellow onion
1 pc 500 ml bottle of ketchup
1 pc 500 ml bottle of chili sauce
Heat a saucepan with a little oil. Pour in the chopped peppers,
garlic and chilipulvret. Let fry for three minutes. Pour in the

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Fladen fish /meat smoker

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