vegetarian slow cooker recipie books

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ruby27 | 08:07 Sun 08th Jun 2008 | Food & Drink
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Do you have a good recipe book for slow cookers to recommend?

I have on general and one vegetarian and I am not impressed with either. Half the recipes seem to be in there to bulk out the book, as cooking them in a slow cooker seems much more complicated and time consuming than other methods.

Maybe slow cookers are only useful for cooking meat which is of no interest to me!

Thanks if you can help


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I'm veggie and wouldn't bother with a slow cooker. Vegetables generally don't take that long to cook and taste better if they are cooked quite quickly anyway, apart from legumes (beans, peas etc). A slow cooker wouldn't reach the temperatures required to destroy the oxalic acid in some legumes anyway, so no good there ! Fish doesn't take long to cook either, so I guess that slow cookers really are designed for meat dishes....
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I am glad you answered as I have noticed your contributions and hoped you would as you are 1) very knowledgeable and 2) a veggie

I was given a slow cooker and whilst have been cooking vegetarian meals quite happily for nearly 30 years without one, I thought maybe there was some recipes out there that had somehow alluded me.
Thanks for the compliments Ruby. I am sure there are some good slow cooker veggie recipes out there but I can only think of dishes like veg casseroles or stews to which I would add either canned or pre-cooked beans or pulses. I can't imagine these would take more than a few hours at the temperature the slow cooker gets up to (I believe it's about 90 deg C on normal) - I thought the whole point of a slow cooker was to let them cook your meal whilst you were out at work (say 8 hours or so). What would be interesting would be to receive a few replies from experienced slow cooker users as to whether they have any veggie recipes they could share with you.

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vegetarian slow cooker recipie books

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